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The jewelry box

On the base of the jewelry box is the “АФМ” trademark brand and a handwritten inscription in dark pigment: “Andreyevskaya Porcelain Manufactory. The jewelry box “Bouquet”. St. Petersburg 2018”.

The hand-painted and gilded porcelain jewelry box was made by Natalya Osipova, an artist at Andreyevskaya Porcelain Manufactory who used a classic round shape, with a removable elevated lid made of high-quality fine milk-white glazed porcelain.

Following the long tradition of porcelain factories that created objects for interior decoration in various historical styles, the artist designed the jewelry box in the Rococo style, using the principles of the 18th century ornamentation of the world famous French Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory, a leader in the manufacture of decorative luxury items.

The edge and the border on the lid of the jewelry box are decorated with a delicate gilded cailloute (cobbled) ornamentation on a rich turquoise background. The finest gilded network of circles of various sizes woven in a continuous pattern on the colored background, adorns the most exquisite products of the Sèvres Manufactory and is the hallmark of the production, along with floral arrangements. By creating these the artists became virtuoso craftsmen.

Following the style concept, the artist decorated the jewelry box with floral painting. The ornate bouquets depicted in gilt medallions are painted on a white background inside the jewelry box and on the lid. They are composed with refined taste and gracefully painted with a decorative variety of shapes and colors to form the perfect finished compositions.

In order to paint the jewelry box, the artist chose a rich palette of pink, orange and blue shades. The artist painted all details of the decor with a subtle understanding of the features of the historical style. The painting was completed by the artist in a decorative manner, with bold short strokes with subtle nuances of color and a careful design of details. The jewelry box is distinguished by a variety of gilded décor of a high artistic level.

Experts acknowledge that the technology of painting on porcelain is particularly complex, since it involves changes in pigment color through heat during firing. The process of creating a work on porcelain may take several months, and high levels of detail in the painting and the unique color scheme can only be ensured by the master meticulously following the technological process.

Before commencing work, the artist compiles a technological chart for mixing pigments; trial colors are completed and a palette of shades is prepared. The painting is created by applying layer-upon-layer of colored glazes, with many layers of detailed brush strokes, each of which must be fixed in the firing process. In addition, there is a specific temperature treatment scale for each pigment. The technological process of creating the jewelry box included 8 firings at 730 to 820°C.

The jewelry box demonstrates the high levels of technological and artistic skills achieved at the Andreyevskaya Porcelain Manufactory, and the company’s commitment to reviving the lost historical traditions of porcelain art.

8*19 cm
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